• Pravin Pandare

Fadnavis's yatra rides youth power to built Maha (NAVA) RASHTRA

In Devendra Fadnavis these young minds reposed their beliefs and hopes.

The generation next emerged the real strength of Mahajanadesh Yatra. They were the Setu on which the wheels rolled to its ultimate destination dismantling all dogmatic barriers to proclaim the great dawn of New Maharashtra.

“Throughout the journey in Vidarbha region, the presence of a new generation was outstanding. There was not a single gully or by lane from where the rath traveled without greeting and embracing the youths. .”

Whether it was at villages or towns or cities ----- youth power was a constant. The young boys clad in their jeans or casuals often constituted sizeable audience at every public rally. Their presence during roadshows was remarkable.

What did they say? What did they derive from Yatra. What was their expectation from the Yatra.

There are a dime and dozen questions which appeared as one passed through these youth huddled in groups or scattered across the sprawling open grounds.

There were students who had just graduated. There were those pursuing higher courses. There were some looking for lucrative job opportunities. Some too young to define their goals. Some wondering about their career.

Individuals had different lifestyle and set of their own dreams and aspirations. Each constituted his or her own territory . Each lived in his or her world which was yet to be explored thoroughly.

Well these are natural phenomenon. But what brought them together was the dynamic Devendra Fadnavis.

The youth naturally we're drawn to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis's persona. The young mind was naturally attracted to Fadnavis's fundamentals on New Maharashtra. These youths who have heard and sensed how their two generations were held prisoners of mundane politics which was caught in narrow communal versus secular debate --- for the first time were trying to get answers to their complex questions dealing with their own life and development.

Here they were not held captive in intellectual dishonesty. Nor made prey to intellectual teasers. They were not being hypnotized to politics of promises. Nor kept high on mere ideals.

The paradigm shift that youths noted and agreed was the connect with Fadnavis.


Here was the chief minister Devendra Fadnavis out on streets traveling thousands of miles to give audit of the work of his government in the last five years. Here unasked came the chief minister who laid before the young the progress card of policies and implementation. Here came the chief minister who was candid in admitting that everything has not been accomplished as yet. All problems and issues were not resolved. But then in a short span of five years here was the chief minister who explained what was the target and outcome sector-wise. Here was a chief minister who drew parallel about 15 years of opposition misrule versus five years of his good governance.

In Fadnavis these young minds reposed their beliefs and hopes.

Across the region, if there was an issue which was worth analyzing it related to youth power. After all, it is a historical fact that generation next defines the politics of any nation. Whether it relates to a revolt or rebuilding of a nation the tenth lies in youth. It is the young mind and heart which often shoulders the responsibilities to fulfill the biggest dreams.

If we're strictly confined to Yatra or roadshow the presence of youth power was pointer to the new age politics which have been unveiled by Fadnavis. The Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis talks and walks the language of YOUTH.

The connect was palpable.

Whether it relates to his style or statement in speech delivered there is this magical element which youths lap up.

Take an example. When lashing out at opposition for their protest against EVMS, chief minister gave the example of a student who blamed his pen for failing him in exam. The student when asked by his father about failure held pen responsible . Arguing he was all prepared. But the pen failed him.

Now this is one example where youths almost burst into laughter. There are many many such instances. But more importantly , it is not political rhetoric. To the contrary what has connected youths to chief minister is his vision on development and concrete road map. Whether the youth hailed from village or town they sensed the degree of sincerity in every policy and it's implementation.

Not surprisingly after every discussion where pad and present problems were clinically analysed the conclusion was -- Devendra Fadnavis is Best CM. We want the Devendra Fadnavis as our CM.

At times many gave the askance look. Why even raise this question. Is it not a fact. So simple . Fadnavis is and will be the CM.

This was the aspect difficult to overlook. The issue was not about his leadership of CMSHIP. The youths who came in thousands and millions were here to listen intently every spoken word. They were here to take something concrete from these rallies. They did not require any assurance or promises. They were not there to present their demands. Nor they had congregated to judge or give verdict about Fadnavis.

The chemistry between the youth and CM was natural and as a matter of fact. It was mutually reciprocated and visible at every rally. The youths were no stranger to the dynamism and visionary powers of their beloved leader. The leader was also no stranger to the immense potential of these youths.

THE YOUTHS JANADESH TO FADNAVIS YATRA WAS FOR MAHA NAVA RASHTRA. After all New Maharashtra will lead the making of New India.


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