• Pravin Pandare

Fadnavis's Bharat Mata Ki Jai gets Maha Janadesh

As a young karyakarta when Devendra Fadnavis took to streets to agitate against article 370 and flag hosting in turbulent Kashmir, the thought uppermost in mind was pride of nation --- One Nation, One leader, One Constitution.

Decades later as HE took to stage at Chandrapur in Maharashtra through his Mahajanadesh Yatra it was a dream come true. A proud moment. A historic moment.

A historic moment

“It was a nostalgic moment. Here in village Mul in district Chandrapur where he addressed people were the seeds of patriotism sown. This was the ancestral home which transmitted the values of nationalism. Inheriting the character and strength from his ancestors to carry forward the torch of sacrifice and struggle ahead for better and stronger India."

Today, Fadnavis' Bharat Mata Ki Jai echoed louder demolishing all artificial barriers erected in name of secular and communal by Congress and NCP..

Today one recalls how five years ago when Fadnavis first raised the slogan Bharat Mata Ki Jai, there was a hue and cry. Questions were raised. The elected members debated in state assembly and council. The nation wanted to know why should a young snd dynamic , academically brilliant politician like Fadnavis should indulge in such a slogan. Till then Bharat Mata Ki Jai was often whispered in hush tones.

Instead of being apologetic or adopting defensiveness Fadnavis got bolder. He dared one and all by repeating Bharat Mata Ki Jai. NOT ONCE OR TWICE OR THRICE BUT MILLION TIMES.

He made it clear I don't care whether my post of chief minister goes or remains. Nothing can be more sacred to me than my beloved MOTHERLAND. Nothing can be more sacred to me than my reverence to beloved country BHARAT.

“The din and debates got louder and shrill and ugly. It was a personal attack with a larger objective to undermine the CM and his image.”

How wrong and narrow were those hoping to beat CM on patriotism. They never knew that they were fighting a Devendra Fadnavis ---- rock hard determination. The spirit soaked in nationalism was not acquired but inherited since birth unturned in childhood.

Throughout the Yatra route as millions stood along the narrow by lanes or highway ---- There was not one person who could question decision on Kashmir. On the contrary, people showed their solidarity as Fadnavis evoked the past to connect with the present and future.

Often one would wonder why should a poor peasant living in hamlet in Yavatmal or Chandrapur worry about Kashmir. What does it matter to those whose real concern is to ensure two decent meals.

Yet, throughout the day every time Fadnavis uttered Kashmir there was tremendous connect with people. The children and youths along the roads danced their way listening to the fiery speech. Old men and women rose from their seats to give their resounding applause to every word uttered by the chief minister.

Today, there was nobody here seeking anything from the CM. There was nobody raising questions. Today, every individual congregated wanted to give their approval on a long-pending decision nay historic blunder .

As rightly pointed by Fadnavis it was late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru whose vested interests and shortsightedness bleed the nation for seven decades. Had he allowed Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel exercise his rights Kashmir would never have enjoyed autonomous unconstitutional 370. A state within a state. Well, the past is past.

After all, every karyakarta who raised the slogan --- Jahan Hua Balidan Mookherjee , Woh Kashmir Humara Hain.

As chief minister Devendra Fadnavis continues his Yatra across Maharashtra the patriotic fervor is going to get louder as people in thousand and millions will march ---- Today every time when Fadnavis will say Bharat Mata Ki Jai ---- there will be millions and millions of hands raised and voices joining the chorus. Today, those questioning Fadnavis the right to say Bharat Mata Ki Jai --- will realize the power of the national mantra and people in whom Fadnavis sees living GOD.


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