• Pravin Pandare

Devendra Fadnavis' compassion gives children new life

A poor village child born with a hole in heart would often leave the family helpless to silently bear the anguish and pain. The poor children born in distant hamlets would be left to the mercy of God. What could the parents do. Where to seek help. Who would listen to their plea.

Till now thousands and thousands of children lived and died. Carrying their suffering to their grave. The grief unnoticed. Their hopes and aspirations lost in the vastness of the noisy world.

Today, things are different. The little children with hole in heart or deaf and speechless are no longer left in the claws of death. They are no longer pushed to graves.

The compassionate leadership of chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has brought sunshine. A golden ray of hope to live life. The zeal to accomplish their dreams.

The Ayushyaman Bharat Yojna of Centre and Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Arogya Seva Yojna of Maharashtra government has provided the children the financial and logistic help to fight their ailment and overcome them to make a new beginning.

In the last nine days, if there was a single issue which received resounding applause from the masses during the Mahajanadesh Yatra, it was HEALTH CARE AND COVER EXTENDED BY FADNAVIS GOVERNMENT.

Every time Fadnavis talked about the health care scheme --- thousand and thousand mothers young and old would sit in absolute silence letting sigh associating with a cause. These rural and urban mothers knew in their hearts what it means to bring a newborn to the world. And how painful it is to see them suffer even before they have taken baby steps exploring the wonders of this beautiful world. They may be illiterate or highly qualified every woman in the audience knew the significance of medical care. After all, how could any poor or lower-middle-class parents afford the high expenditure of Rs 6 lakh to get their child operated for hole in heart. How could the poor families raise lakhs of rupees to get a cochlear implant. The child born with hearing loss or speaking problems was often left to his or her fate in the past. In daily grind when meeting the challenges of two decent meals to overcome hunger was the struggle it hardly mattered whether the child would speak or hear. Even if they wanted the lack of resources made them reconciled to their circumstances.

Today, all that is past. Undress the leadership of sensitive and sincere leader Devendra Fadnavis the poor children's struggle to fight loss of speech or deafness or get operated for hole in heart is over.

As Fadnavis said, " The medical welfare scheme provides poor entire expenditure for the treatment of third children. The cost maybe Rs 6 lakh or Rs 25 lakh. There is no question of counting money. What matters most is saving the life of a child. What matters is giving the child born with heart in hole a new life. What matters is lending the new voice to the child born speechless. Or providing the child medical treatment to get rid of deafness."

In the last five years, the government's focus on health care is appreciable. And this is an arena which was not only neglected but completely skipped from the agenda of Congress and NCP in last six decades.

Now, it is pointless to analyze their mindset or even comment. After all, what should one expect from leaders like Congress and NCP whose vision never strayed beyond their own vested interests and politics. The poor were left to their fate in their regime.

Or else what explains their failure to increase the health budget. Or provide basic health care in rural Maharashtra.

Barely five years in government Fadnavis took up health care higher on priority opening up the money purse of his government to give a new lifeline to children.

Recalling one incident at Sangli, Fadnavis said, " When a group of 15 children in row with parents behind stepped to offer a flower to me and profusely showered gratitude I wondered what was it for? "

The parents revealed they have no words to thank as Fadnavis's welfare schemes have saved the lives of their children they could get their children's treatment for hole in heart availing the welfare schemes. Today their children's heart is beating harboring hopes to chase their dreams and accomplish it. Their children breaking the silence are speaking. Their ears are tuned to sounds. They can listen to the whispers and loudness as words flow.

Fadnavis exuding the nobleness which is inbuilt said, " Frankly speaking when I meet these children I was overwhelmed with happiness. It was a feeling of happiness which was more than I experienced after becoming Chief Minister of Maharashtra."

Across the vast stretch, there were thousands who spontaneously nodded their head. Almost conveying their approval at what Fadnavis uttered about children. It was not the words. But the sincerity which rings through the words that struck a chord with the people.

After all, what was be more precious for parents than to see the happiness of their children. Whether it is poor or rich, peasant or policeman, teacher or technician, businessman or Bollywood, professor or politician, scientist or supervisors, driver or doctors ---- every family and parent across caste or community or category always strive and struggle for happiness of their children. Therefore, Fadnavis stretching helping hand for their children is Godsend. In Fadnavis people see a messiah. Their GOD who has given a new lease of life to their children. Imagine the joy when they see these children braving future hardships and storm with a heart of steel. Imagine the joy when they hear the crackle of children who fought speechlessness. Imagine the joy to see the children dancing at the sound of music. Well, what can be nobler than to give children their new lifeline. Fadnavis's compassion and concern and caring nature make it possible. Today not every child may be able to step out to thank CM. But where ever they are their joy will fill the air and travel many many many miles to bring the message of love for Fadnavis.


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