• Ashish Gupta

Fadnavis displays the heart of a lion as he travels naxal corridor fearless

At Navegaon Bandh in Arjuni taluka when chief minister Devendra Fadnavis stepped into a small tea stall, it conveyed a loud and clear message. MAHARASHTRA IS IN THE HANDS OF A LEADER WITH LIONHEART.

The little tea stall located at the crossroads had multiple open ways. Anybody and everybody could have easy access from east West north south or even above. Yet, unruffled here was the chief minister sitting calm letting out smile in the company of innocent lad Satyam Madavi.

“There was joy and peace as CM interacted with villagers and locals. Sipping the tea in the naxal belt. But this was not the only display of his courage and confidence. On Saturday barely few hours after the naxal killed 6 people in neighbouring Chhatisgarh, Fadnavis was riding the Mahajanadesh Yatra through the dense forest past sunset through Gondia.”

Everybody knew the incident amounts to high alert. As borders are fragile with naxal corridors running through states of Maharashtra, Chhatisgarh, Oddisa and Andhra Pradesh / Telengana

Had it been any other leader he would have rescheduled the plans. To the contrary here was Fadnavis taking night halt at Gadchiroli. The epicebtre og naxalism.

But have we ever seen Fadnavis in fear. In fact, fearlessness is his hallmark. Courage his strength.

Not surprisingly, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis's Mahajanadesh Yatra in naxal corridor can be described as a milestone.

Why ?

There are two factors which were evident.

First, it showed to the world the leader whose heart and muscles are of steel and iron. Secondly, every rally and roadshows along the entire stretch crisscrossing through Gondia to Gadchiroli and Chandrapur saw the milling millions pouring out on streets. There were women walking barefoot leaving their work as the rath stopped near the railway junction at Arjuni. Women eager to catch a glimpse had no time to even slip in their slippers or tie their long flowing hair. There were young mothers holding hands of little children taking a long stride to meet CM. There were school kids and old grandparents poor and middle class all walking together towards CM. Shopkeeper unmindful of customers fixed their gaze on rath.

How many stories should one recount. Every roadshow or rally had its unique feature. How does one explain a 75-year-old grandmother wearing her finest golden embroidery nine yards to attend the rally. Or an enthusiastic daughter holding hand of young brother awaiting to get a glimpse

At the end of these rallies, two factors emerged. First MahaJanadesh Yatra truly united people. It is a pilgrimage where barriers of caste colour community and religion no longer exist. Secondly, there was a uniform chorus for Beloved Devendra Fadnavis. Yes, there was uniform chorus as people pledged third faith in Devendra Fadnavis. They all unanimously echoed --- Devendra Fadnavis is and will be our CHIEF MINISTER.

There is not a single person who had cast any doubt about his sincerity or integrity in delivering good governance. There was not a single voice amongst millions who questioned his ability to deliver results. There is not a single voice which questions his intention. The writing on the wall is for all to see.

Another most scenic image which has left lasting imprint is of the vast stretches of paddy fields. As the rath coursed through the path, farmers holding tiny paddy sapling stood like statues with feet firmly grounded two feet deep in the water. From far and near farmers -- men and women --- forming perfect geometrical matrix were seen following the Fadnavis mounted on rath from long distance. They neither moved their feet which were covered in muddy water nor lifted their working hands baked with mud. But what was difficult to skip was the glean in their eyes which travelled long capturing every moment of the Yatra. Their face lit with joy.


Through Yatra chief minister is not only reaching out to people but also rewriting the destiny of New Maharashtra. A history of the strength and valour. A history of t humility and humanity.

Well, Fadnavis Yatra is just the beginning of the golden period of Maharashtra.

Today, Fadnavis has blessings pouring from every individual human in whom he sees living God. Well, every hand salutes as the Yatra moves ahead to its glorious destination -- NEW MAHARASHTRA.


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