• Pravin Pandare

Devendra Fadnavis --- Beloved leader in whom children connected their present and live their future.

At Selu taluka little school children in tens and hundreds encircled the "rath" waiving and cheering in their innocent shrill voice as chief minister Devendra Fadnavis addressed the gathering. What was most amazing was the high spirit and enthusiasm amongst these little children aged between 6 years to 15 years encircling the Mahajanadesh Yatra. They had nothing to demand. Nothing to seek. Each one was a bundle of energy. All flashing cute smile. Their eyes gleaned as they caught a glimpse of Maharashtra Chief Minister. Nay, it was not CM. But Devendra Fadnavis the person. Their beloved leader. Their beloved Devendra Fadnavis in whom they connected their present and live future. What explains such massive connect. Why?

These are surely not the voters. Nor are they going to determine the destiny of Maharashtra in 2019 Assembly elections. Yet, what could have driven these tiny tots to Devendra Fadnavis. It was so spontaneous. Wearing their school uniform red and white or white and blue checked shirt and short pants for boys and skirt and shirt for girls holding ---- playful children all in chorus were prompt when asked if they knew who was the Man riding atop rath. Off course , it's Devendra Fadnavis came a sharp retort. Their was certainty and confidence. What could have driven them here in Janadesh Yatra. They wondered why such question was being hurled at them. Is it not natural. Will anybody skip an opportunity to greet the beloved leader. Ah, yes they knew what they were looking at and why.

These little children saw in Fadnavis a role model. A leader with character and charisma. An individual whose clean image and high credentials have become a household tale across rural and urban Maharashtra. These children knew the worth of their role model. The instant chord was struck. Almost thousands and thousands eyes were all focussed on one MAN. These little ones from 3 feet to five feet all huddled together in semi circles held their gaze fixed on one person. Unwavering they tuned their ears to every spoken word. Instantly bursting into loud applause and clapping . They at times jumped trying to bridge that distance between them and rath in vain. Some raising their tiny feet making them taller by two inches. Jostling in crowd not to miss a single moment. Precious. Cherished. It brough explained joy. Fillwd them with warmth and made them so great. Happy at their own efforts. And they were happy every time CM waived left and right . Each felt it was being communicated to them. Such spontaneous act was an outcome to deep affection these children harbour for Fadnavis. Not surprisingly well even after the rath rolled far away they kept cheering and stood their ground. At last when it went out of their sight they raised hands to say good bye. Returning home with happy moments. They carried in their minds every word spoken as an important message. More importantly they carried the image of their loving leader Devendra Fadnavis in their heart today and for ever.

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